Project Description

PsConsulting is a financial consulting company that will bring you different sets of solutions, which you can adopt in your business to increase its profitability.

Goals of the Project

The company needed the design to be done from scratch and wanted to include a systematic display of its services in it. A clean, proper, elegant, and simple website is all that they asked for.
Reaching up to the Goals
We designed the website while keeping in mind the competitive references. We used our own creativity to present them with a classy and easy-to-use website that also includes a translator to facilitate incoming of visitors having different languages.
With our skillset, we could give a proper shape to our client’s vision.

Tools Used

⦁ Framework: WordPress
⦁ Theme: Avada
⦁ User interface: HTML, CSS
⦁ Widgets: WordPress plugin, WP Forms, AdSanity, Podium
⦁ Analytics: Jetpack, Google Analytics, Crazy egg

What did We do?
⦁ Website designing
⦁ Website development
⦁ UX and Prototyping
⦁ Analytics tracking
⦁ SEO and Speed optimization
⦁ Integration with social media

The End Result
In the end, we could successfully deliver a secure and robust website that clearly displays all the content about the company. For businesses or individuals seeking for a good financial consultant, the website could be of great help, thus enhancing the growth of PsConsulting.